I am the great granddaughter of Hilton Hotema, but I only knew him as George Clements up until about a year ago (the summer of 2014). Prior to last summer I knew very little about him. I knew he’d been an indian agent in Oklahoma, and because the government paid him in cash he was able to move to Florida and buy land for 25¢ an acre. I knew that he played the fiddle and had a passion for music. I knew that he was a private person and that he’d built a house with no front door… it had a garage door that he would open to come and go, but otherwise he could close himself off from everyone very easily.

Last summer my grandmother came across something that he’d typed, explaining some of our family history and she asked me to share it with the rest of our family. She said that he used to type a lot and it was something he enjoyed doing. So I scanned the page that he wrote and emailed it to everyone on my mom’s side of the family. My sister was the one that discovered there was so much more to this man than we were ever told. One Google search lead us to a wealth of information about a man none of us had ever met and who had died long before the possibility of leaving an internet footprint.

We never knew he’d written and published over 50 books under several different pen names. We also didn’t know that he still had a following, 45 years after his death. I became desperate to know more. I also became fascinated with the realization that my great grandfather’s words had found me after all these years. In this day and age our lives are documented on the internet via social media in minute detail, and one day perhaps my great grandchildren will be able to read my words. George found a way for his mind to live on before the internet and long before Facebook, so in his own way… maybe he was correct in saying that he would never die.

It’s amazingly fitting that I’m a web and graphic designer, and I think I was meant to find his words and share them. This website is in honor of George, who in his own way has confounded death. I hope that this website would have made him proud and that it succeeds in helping his words reach an audience larger than he thought possible.

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